Men are in need of…


Now, here’s some audiovisual lesson.


Lots of women pleasers out there, has this thing in common.

Which is when woman seem to enjoy, when we make good noise, right at that moment you get all excited and start to doing it EXTRA hard! or fast.

Now, woman got to that point because YOU WERE DOING IT JUST RIGHT! And if you change it right then, IT KILLS EVERYTHING! Because it’s too rough, or fast, or hard!

So from now on if you hear a woman making pleasant noise, just do what you were doing, like, EXACTLY! No more speed, no more strength, no more of anything.

Because if I get disappointed, when I was almost about to cum, and then you ruin it, then I have to go through real hard time trying not to say “you! idiot!”

Or, some guys just have no clue at all and go rough from start to end.

As Jenna Marbles said, no matter what you think is gentle, is not gentle enough. Jenna said you should touch it like how you treat a puppy or a kitten, but I have a better idea. You should touch it like how you would touch your OPEN WOUND!

Are we clear on this or did I just make you grossed out?


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